The Pod Evolution. EST. 2004

Originated in Cumbria, now a worldwide recognised brand

The original Pod design was brought to market in 2007 with comfortable, robust and eco-friendly credentials in mind, incorporated into a unique design using premium materials. To create a product that provides longevity, the iconic Pod is tough enough to be sited in rugged natural landscapes and withstand all weathers.

This was a new concept to be brought to the camping and caravanning world which then became one of the keystones to what is now known as ‘Glamping’.

The Pod was originally developed in 2004 alongside the manufacture of luxury leisure lodges by Newfoundland Lodges Ltd, its big break came in 2007 when the visionary owners of Hollins Farm Campsite in Eskdale decided to create a Pod Village as part of their redevelopment.

Our versatile design continues to evolve

During the last decade, The Pod™ has become a strong brand in its own right with an international presence and following.

  • We use premium materials and refined construction throughout, we use a Decra© roofing system which comes with a 40 year guarantee.
  • We have international distribution
  • We invest in sustained advertising
  • Hand built Doors and windows in UK

Our versatile design continues to evolve to meet the everchanging needs, practicalities and expectations of our new and existing clients to include;

  • Hotel grounds
  • Hostels, B&B’s and public houses, though to campsites, holiday parks with agri-tourism, zoo’s
  • Fishing lakes
  • Nature reserves

as well as adapting the interior to create new and innovative designs in other sectors.

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