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Camping Pods

Welcome to The Original Pod™, we offer a wide range of camping pods for sale that serve a variety of sectors. We created the Pod in 2004, and since then, our iconic design has spread around the globe. Every wooden pod is hand built by our craftsmen to an extremely high standard of workmanship. We do not compromise on any detail and every pod is built to last with the best quality equipment.

Camping pods have been a hugely popular revelation as they allow guests to enjoy practical camping all year round in stunning locations at an affordable price. There’s no taking down of wet tents in the rain and guests have a guaranteed dry place of warmth and comfort, all whilst still being able to enjoy the great outdoors.

Over the years we’ve continuously developed new models to serve a variety of customers. Whether you’re looking for a luxury ensuite camping pod or a smaller family pod with simple furnishings, we have the perfect selection of pods to choose from that can act as excellent new revenue streams. We offer pods in a range of different sizes that accommodate between 1 and 6 adults with a variety of furnishings and facilities that suit your requirements.

Starting in 2007 with the Standard Pod, we soon had demand for a larger unit so the Family Pod was created which provides 50% more floor area.

The Family Pod provides the best return on investment and is spacious enough for operators to add simple furnishings.

Another model is the Megapod Shell, which gives plenty of floor area but provides a well insulated & heated basic unit.

Both the Baltic Bothy and the Mega Bothy can be supplied either as ‘shells’ or with fitted bed or bunk frames. Whilst the popular D-Type Pod would also fit well with sites who have washroom facilities and are looking to offer less basic Pod accommodation.

Click on the models below to find out more about specific designs or get in touch to find out more.

Camping Pods
Camping Pods

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