In search of Pods

The natural habitat of the Pod is nestling in our cherished landscapes - National Parks, Forest Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and many other idyllic locations that we choose to 'get away from it'.

Pods are increasingly available close to National Trails and cycle-ways supporting long distance walks and rides. You can use the BEST FOR: interactive feature to find the recommended sites for each of a range of listed activities.

Across the pond

Pods are also available at a growing number of sites in the UK, Europe & Ireland if you are camping abroad. Finally to avoid disappointment it is worth bearing in mind that Pods will be fully booked well in advance at busy times of the year. Please check availability and make bookings directly with the site where you want to stay. Contact details will come up when you click on the map site pointers.

Find your perfect PodUse the tabs on the left to filter the map locations below to help find your perfect pod.Click here for a brief description on what we look for in a pod location.

Where possible we have backed up the pointer information with links to the campsites own website and contact details. Please check with individual sites for availability.